Our Commitment


At Colombia Memories, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible travel experience by integrating the richness of Colombia into our creative programs, offering each guest an authentic experience along with an opportunity for interaction with the local population.

We aim to enable our customers to build a relationship with Colombia, its inhabitants, and cultural heritage as guests in the country. This relationship evolves and deepens throughout the journey, leaving a lasting, positive impact on the local population. We achieve this through continuous and active collaboration with local providers, organizations, and native guides.

Continuously, we reflect on our business operations, internal and external processes, and strategies to fulfill our social responsibility as a company. This is always done with a focus on sustainable optimization, enabling us to evolve and constantly reinvent ourselves. Thus, we guarantee a quality that benefits our customers, partners, and employees alike.


We aspire to transform tourists into travelers, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the places they visit, free from stereotypes. The immense natural and cultural diversity of Colombia provides the perfect conditions for this, and it is our tool to support the country on its path to becoming a leading tourism destination that stands out globally.

Colombia Memories accompanies this development journey and aims to grow simultaneously, aspiring to become one of the leading incoming tour operators in German, French, Spanish, Italian, and English languages within the next 10 years.

In pursuit of this vision, sustainability and corporate responsibility serve as the strategic and pervasive foundation for every decision we make at all levels. In this way, Colombia Memories aims to make a valuable contribution to preserving Colombia’s cultural and natural resources and enhancing the sustainable development of its tourism economy. This is intended to benefit the entire country and society in the short and long term.



The foundation of our international team is a blend of diverse cultures united by the principle of trust and mutual respect. These values are reflected in our daily internal collaboration as well as in our interactions with local providers or partners, fostering a cooperative atmosphere built on trust.

Transparency and Honesty

Colombia Memories considers it a duty to be honest and transparent with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Through this principle, combined with practiced solidarity, we have earned an excellent reputation and recognition.

Sustainable Growth

At Colombia Memories, we pursue sustainable growth that benefits not only the short term but also all subsequent generations. Therefore, we adhere to a holistic approach and collaborate with all stakeholders in the tourism sector.


Like every company, we strive to offer the best service at the best price. Therefore, it is essential to continually develop authentic products in creative ways and improve all processes, services, and customer support, both internally and externally, to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.


Organization INAY

INAY was founded by three young women from France and the USA. Their shared drive is to provide education to children who have limited access to it. Therefore, the organization supports the development of educational infrastructure for indigenous children in collaboration with their home communities.

This goal is achieved through cultural and knowledge exchange, aiming to create an education-friendly environment within the communities. This is always done with a focus on the long-term preservation of the respective indigenous culture.

Volunteer staff from INAY meet with community leaders to build trust through personal conversations, learn from each other, and establish long-term relationships. Together, they identify the long- and short-term needs of the community, particularly for the education of children. By subsequently collecting donations, the organization not only raises funds for projects but also raises awareness about the concerns of the indigenous population.

So far, INAY has successfully initiated the following initiatives through fundraising efforts

Delivery of School Supplies to 100 Children of Santa Sofia School (Ticuna Community)

Donation of a Water Tank for 20 Families in Cabo de la Vela (Wayuu Community)

Meetings and Leisure Activities with the 48 Children of Pueblito School (Arhuaco Community)

Monthly Activities with Children in Cabo de la Vela, Including Snacks and Water

On the INAY website, you can follow the latest projects and initiatives, as well as make direct donations Organization INAY.

District 13

This project supports a large group of women, children, and teenagers in the “Comuna 13” of Medellín. The settlement extends over one of the large hills on the outskirts of the city and has a difficult history as one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. Today, it serves as an example of the positive transformation of both the city and Colombia.

We work closely with the “Berracas,” the “Strong Women of the 13.” The founder, Paola, was born here and leads the women’s association with the goal of inspiring other women and helping them achieve a dignified future. In the context of the prevailing gender stereotypes in Colombia, they advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

But the youngest members of the community also benefit from social projects, such as language courses taught by foreign volunteers. Dance groups aim to help teenagers make meaningful use of their leisure time or even generate income.

Through our tours, visitors gain a different perspective on life in this settlement while contributing significantly to its positive development in Comuna 13 and beyond. The proceeds directly fund new projects, such as the “School of Strong Women,” which is also set to be established in other neighborhoods.